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Color Charts

Find the perfect color for your next decorative concrete project with ease using our color charts! Whether you’re looking for rich jewel tones or bright pops of color, we have the perfect pigments to suit your needs.

Please keep in mind that our color charts are designed to serve as a guide, and may vary due to a number of different factors. Some of these variables include the quality and degree of workmanship, as well as curing conditions.

*If an accurate color representation is absolutely critical, we recommend creating a test panel/slab to be placed and finished on-site. 

Need physical color charts?

We offer color charts for sale so you can take them with you on your next project to show clients.

This will help you choose the perfect colors for your next design.

Contact us to order your color charts.


Base Epoxy Color Pigment Pods

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Color Bombs & Dyes

C3 Color Bombs & Coatings Pigments